Lower Parts Kit w/ Upgraded Grip, Extended Trigger Guard, Ambi Dual Selector & Extended Pin (MC, SSL, BC, DS, 2*(LK-12), LK-34, LK-4, 2*(LK-5), LT-PIN, LP-PIN, HG003, PSCREW, TG,TS, HS, DISC, DISC-S, TRIG, HAM)

Our AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kits (LPK’s) include everything you’ll need to put together a well-functioning and sleek Lower. The solid steel Trigger and Hammer are made in the U.S.A. and each of the pieces are also available separately.
The Enhanced Ambidextrous LPK includes our custom Polymer ergonomic pistol grip with storage compartment, custom reversible trigger guard, ambidextrous dual safety selector and extended grip takedown and pivot pins – all with a matte black finish.

Complete Kit Includes:
Ergonomic AR-15 Pistol Grip (Black)
Pistol Grip Screw
Pistol Grip Screw Lock Washer
Trigger (U.S. made)
Hammer (U.S. made)
Extended Trigger Guard
Trigger Guard Screws
Semi Disconnector
Disconnector Spring
Ambi Dual Safety Selector
Safety Detent
Safety Spring
Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch Buffer/Plunger
Bolt Catch Spring
Bolt Catch Roll Pin
Magazine Catch
Magazine Catch Button
Magazine Catch Spring
Extended Grip Front Pivot Pin
Extended Grip Takedown Pin
Pivot Pin Detent
Pivot Pin Detent Spring
Takedown Pin Detent
Takedown Pin Detent Spring
Hammer Spring
Trigger Spring
Hammer Pin
Trigger Pin
Buffer Retainer Pin
Buffer Retainer Spring